The U.S. Tax Overhaul: What Does It Mean for Corporate Solar Projects?

For better or worse, the U.S. has historically relied on federal tax incentives to foster renewable energy deployment. For solar energy, the 30% Investment Tax Credit and beneficial MACRs depreciation treatment have allowed solar projects to compete with the massively subsidized (and politically entrenched) forms of traditional electricity generation in the U.S., namely coal, natural gas and nuclear.

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Solar: It Takes a Community

There’s an exciting buzz around Community Solar initiatives across the country, and EnterSolar is currently looking at programs in select states that offer strong economic incentives for Community Solar systems.

You may be wondering…what is Community Solar?

Community Solar is a shared renewable system in which a neighborhood or community pools investments to take advantage of a singular solar power source. The system is built, owned, and operated by a third party who supplies the energy and collects the state and Federal incentives that make Community Solar a lucrative investment.

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