Why Going Solar Helps Human Resources

Every smart business leader knows that, in order to compete at the top of their market, he or she needs to recruit and retain exceptional candidates. Traditionally, implementing a variety of human resource practices  such as creating programs for recent graduates, ensuring streamlined onboarding processes, implementing flexible employee policies and offering professional opportunities helps attract and retain top talent. While these conventional HR methods are important ways to build the best teams possible, another perhaps surprising way to set your company apart from other competitors in your market is to install a solar system.

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Solar Power Purchase Agreement: The Right Decision for the Right Customer

The solar industry saw rapid growth with the advent of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a method of financing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system.  A PPA is an agreement in which a solar developer manages and executes the design, permitting, finance, installation, maintenance and monitoring of a PV system on a customer's property or roof at little to no upfront cost. The solar developer or another third party is the system owner that sells the power generated directly to the host customer at a fixed rate—usually lower than the local utility’s retail rate. With annual price hikes by local utilities and energy price volatility, customers find a predictable energy cost attractive.

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