World Economic Forum 2017: Perspectives from Davos on Making the Transition to Clean Energy

On January 17th, 2017, government officials and business leaders from over 70 countries assembled in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. During the four-day meeting, the participants discussed a host of exigent global issues. Klaus Schwab, Chairman of the World Economic Forum, introduced this year’s theme, “Responsive and responsible leadership,” and emphasized the importance of having leaders who can help the public navigate the rapidly changing world during the Fourth Industrial Revolution­, or the current digital transformation. Among the key topics addressed was energy, specifically in the context of climate change, energy security, and the global economy. 

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New York Solar Summit 2016: Introducing the New York Solar Map

 The 10th annual New York Solar Summit, hosted by Sustainable CUNY, was held on June 20th (which coincidentally was also EnterSolstice, the first day of summer).  EnterSolar is proud to have sponsored and presented at this event, which drives the support of solar energy policy in New York State. 

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