The Case for Corporate Solar

The U.S. is surpassing its energy transition phase and quickly normalizing renewable energy as a major resource for clean and reliable power. American businesses are at the forefront of this movement, with many companies creating internal policies for renewable energy procurement. Solar has become a major component in the sustainability initiatives of corporate entities, and solar project economics continue to become more attractive as equipment costs decline and available project structuring alternatives increase. Many U.S. CEOs are taking note of these favorable returns, and top executives from our clients – Bloomberg L.P., Swiss Re, Ricoh and more – have already begun pushing the “solar agenda” in their companies.

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Corporate-Led U.S. Climate Alliance to Support the Paris Climate Agreement

President Trump announced on June 1st that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, thus fulfilling a major campaign promise but raising concerns around the globe about efforts to curb climate change, as well as concerns by U.S. corporates about the significant potential for missed economic opportunity.

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