Community Solar: Expanding the Reach of Renewable Energy

Community Solar creates renewable energy opportunities for all types of utility customers (commercial, residential, etc.) by allowing them to take advantage of solar energy produced offsite from their location. EnterSolar understands the importance of these innovative solar projects, and has been leading the charge on developing Community Solar. For example, we recently had a groundbreaking for New York State’s first shared renewable solar project in Halfmoon, NY.  This system will allow more than 100 residential customers to access clean affordable solar power.

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Holiday in the Sun: Earth Day 2016

EnterSolar’s corporate focus on solar energy is grounded in the rewarding financial returns our clients generate from their systems.  However, equally important is the positive impact these systems have on the environment.  Solar energy is clean, renewable energy, an integral part of ameliorating climate change, and something that we should all think about on Earth Day. 

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